How to Avoid and Fight Cancer Naturally

My uncle passed away from cancer when I was 16 years old. I’ve since spent 100’s of hours researching how to avoid and fight cancer naturally. Here’s what I found:

1) Boost your stem cells Your body slowly regenerates using stem cells. Foods that promote stem cell growth: • Seafood & fatty fish • Berries (black, blue, raspberry) • Broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts More stem cells = lower chance of cancer

Fasting is also a viable option for increasing your stem cells. You could do a 24 hour fast once a week. Or go extreme like my business partner @taylinsimmonds and fast for 4-7 days at a time.

2) Hack DNA repair for longevity To amplify DNA repair: • Sleep 7+ hours • Exercise regularly • Try intermittent fasting Natural DNA repair prevents your cells from mutating.

Eat foods that amplify DNA repair: • Greens • Mangoes • Greek yogurt The best cancer cure is prevention.

3) Optimize your gut biome Akkermancia is a gut bacteria that fights cancer. • Fish oil • Grapes • Black tea • Pomegranate All grow it. A simple way to increase the effects of cancer treatments.

4) A healthy gut boosts cancer immunity 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. When healthy it: • Fights cancers • Improves mood • Boosts metabolism • Controls hormones • Lowers inflammation Strengthen gut biome to get a boost in immunity. To give yours a boost…

2 types of foods to boost your gut health: • Probiotic foods add bacteria • Prebiotic foods feed bacteria Yogurt = healthy probiotic. Bananas = healthy prebiotic. (Assuming you’re eating yogurt with little added sugar of course)

5) Starve cancer to death Cancer needs blood supply to grow. It feeds off of your weak blood vessels. Cut off blood supply = destroy cancer. So how do you cut off the blood supply?

Foods that cut cancer from your blood supply: • Stone fruits • Artichokes • Lavender • Red wine • Turmeric • Olive oil • Berries • Garlic Cancer can’t grow bigger than the tip of a pen without blood supply. These foods are your saving grace.

6) Eat foods with bioactives Bioactives are part of a plant’s defense system. Benefits of bioactives in your diet include: • Anti-cancer • Anti-diabetic • Anti-microbial • High antioxidant • Cardiovascular health Eat organic fruits and veggies to reap these benefits.

7) Antioxidants = your front line of defense Ellagic acid is the general of your antioxidant army, it: Stops the spread of cancer cells Protects cells from damage Slows cancer cell growth Improves brain function Reduces inflammation Reap these benefits with the following…

Food sources high in antioxidants: • Nuts • Berries • Pomegranates • Ellagic acid supplements Eat more antioxidants to battle cancer and other chronic health issues.

What I found from 100’s of hours of cancer research: 1) Boost your stem cells 2) Hack DNA repair 3) Optimize gut biome 4) Boost gut health 5) Starve cancer by cutting off blood supply 6) Eat bioactive foods 7) Eat Antioxidants

Thanks for reading till the end! I must admit that I’m no doctor. However, You can’t go wrong taking your health into your own hands. If you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer, I recommend seeking professional help. I hope that day never comes for you.

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