Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note10, Note10+

Technology giant, Samsung, has unveiled Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ to compete with modern innovations in the market.

According to Drew Blackard, Samsung’s Head of US Management, the new phones have amazing features that would be loved. For die-hard Note fans, the Note10+ comes with the biggest screen ever unveiled.

Blackard said when it comes to colour, the phones have been designed with amazing colour options, including the one-of-a-kind oral glow.

The three cameras on the back are intended for regular, close-up and wide-angle shots. Though they’re the same cameras on the Galaxy S10+, few changes have been made.

According to Samsung, both phones have large batteries (3500 mAh and 4300 mAh respectively) which should last over 24 hours. They also have a super-fast charging function that allows about a full-day use after a 30-minute charge.

On storage, they have 256 GB, now the base amount of storage on a note device. The standard Note10 has 8 GB of memory and the Note 10+ has 12 GB—more than that of most personal computers.

The S Pen has also been upgrade and can now perform new functions. Handwritten notes in Samsung’s Notes can be transferred directly into Microsoft Word and can convert into text if handwriting is not legible. Users can also snap and draw on their images.

Samsung will release a 5G model of the Note 10+ in certain regions. All three devices will be available for pre-order from tomorrow and would be in stores from Aug. 23. The Note10 will start at $949, and the 10+ at $1,099, while the price of the 5G model is still unknown.

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