Popular OAP, AY Nigeria, weds fiancée in grand style

The psychologists say marriage does more to promote life satisfaction than money, sex or even children. This fact was evident on Oct 8th & 9th 2021 at the #DoubleJoy2021 event where Ayodele Akande and Ayodeji Owolabi tied the nuptial knot.

No one present that day could deny that they witnessed love in its purest form and magic in its most mysterious of ways.

Couple with Her Excellency Erelu Bisi Fayemi, Ekiti State First Lady

A warm Friday afternoon as people shuffled into Arch Bishop Adetiloye Hall, Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State as the guests who appeared in forest green and white native attires with their immaculately coiffed hair and excited laughter found their places

They watched the couples in striped colours of forest and brown ancient clothing material locally called ofi — the groom appeared in agbada while the bride came out in her iro and buba.

They watched as elderly relatives and old school friends, colleagues and well wishers filed and sat on chairs which were covered with green linens and table covers with white linens.

The wife of the Ekiti State Governor, Her Excellency Erelu Bisi Adeleye Fayemi, was there to grace the occasion and also advised the couples.

The ceremony extended till the next day, when it was time for the couples to exchanged their vows respectively and also for the dinner party.

The event portrayed and promoted Nigeria, Ekiti and their culture globally. It was also showcased as a hub of tourism and fun.

Without gainsays, ‘DoubleJoy2021’ came with not just marital purposes but a purpose to encourage the cultural heritage in Ekiti, Nigeria and Africa at large.

Happy married life to the AYODELE’s…

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