Driving: How to pass your written test in Newfoundland

Passing the written test for a Class 5 driver’s licence is the first step to getting your full licence to drive a passenger vehicle or light truck. This test could be taken either online or at the Motor Registration Division.

The test is easy if you understand the Road User Guide. I have highlighted the steps I took to score 100% on the test, which is also helping me in real-life driving situations:

As you read the guide, put yourself in traffic and driving situations— it will give you the right answer to every question. When you internalise, you understand; when you understand, you pass.

For example, if you see a question asking what direction to turn your wheels when you park facing uphill or downhill where there’s a curb, the answer is easier to spot if you have internalised the scenerio. The simple rule is that the curb would stop your car if it rolls away, so the answer is easy.

  • Understand the uniqueness of signs

Some road signs are unique because they have shapes that is peculiar to them only. If you know these signs, it is easier to answer questions on them.

Examples of  such signs are Stop, Yield and School Ahead signs.

  • Understand paraphrasing

Don’t condition yourself to a specific definition, explanation or grammar. For example, the traffic sign below says “go straight or turn right” but it could also mean “no left turn”.

  • Choose the best answer

The hardest part of this test is to find and choose the best answer. According to the instruction, there are possible answers for most questions but there are best answers for each. The test intends to know how meticulous you are.

For example, you’re allowed to turn right if there’s a red light (unless there’s a sign that says otherwise). If there’s a question asking what you should do before you turn and two of the options say “stop, check for traffic, proceed” and “stop, check for traffic and pedestrians, proceed”, you should know the best answer. While the former option is a possible answer, the second is the best.

Another example is what to do when making a left turn with a green light and traffic is active in the opposite direction. If an answer says “enter intersection, slow down and turn when it’s safe” and another says “enter intersection with clear exit and turn when it’s safe”. Though the first is a possible answer, the second is the best answer because you shouldn’t enter an intersection without clear exit.

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