BREAKING: Umu Obi Obahai, authentic ruling family In Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom, says Supreme Court

By Daniel Dafe

The Supreme Court of Nigeria on Monday dismissed the appeal and case brought before it by the Umu Dieyi Royal family and affirmed the judgment that the Umu Obi Obahai are the authentic ruling family in Ogwashi-Uku Kingdom.

The Obi of Ogwashi-Uku,
HRM Obi Ifechukwude Aninshi Okonjo II, disclosed this in a statement on Monday, just as he thanked all members of the Umu Obi Obahai family for the steadfastness throughout the entire case.

In his words, “it has been a very long and arduous process but we are glad that it is finally over.”

He also thanked all the members of the Ogwashi-Uku community for their patience and understanding throughout this case, adding that they have always known the truth and “knew that the truth will prevail.”

He added: “I call on our brothers who have lost the case to join hands with us to get Ogwashi-Uku back on track so we can unite and set aside our differences. I call on those who have been aligned with them to also join to unite Ogwashi-Uku as a Kingdom. This is good news for all of us.”

The monarch also called on members of the Umu Deiyi to respect the judgement and ensure that every aspect of the judgement is adhered to by returning the Old Obi’s Palace and all instruments of rulership as outlined in the various judgements against them, saying they will give sufficient time for this to be done.

“I wish to thank our lawyers in this matter. Chief Vincent Otemeiwo and also Arthur Obi Okafor (SAN) for an excellent legal representation throughout the case.

“This is a victory for Ogwashi-Uku as a Kingdom,” he said.

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