At every generation, an enigma is always born, because nature abhors vacuum. Abraham, Isaac, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello and host of other leaders were avatars at different times as nature evolved.

In the current religious and political time, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, President Muhammadu Buhari, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Governor Kayode Fayemi, Otunba Niyi Adebayo, Govrnor Babagana Zulum and many too numerous to catalogue are also leaders the Nigerian populace are counting on as making conscious moves to extricate Nigeria out of the present predicament and give a hope that there is light after tunnel.

Just like these foregoing leaders started making positive impacts at their youthful ages, giving out signals of how resourceful and beneficial they were, so also is Hon Adeoye Aribasoye is signalling good prognosis that Nigeria’s future remains bright and colourful, with a youth like him still in the turf wielding magical wands to turn things around.

Adeoye means many things to many people. To some, he is an uncompromising Lawyer. To many, he is progressive politician. To some, he is a human right activist. Some even perceived him as a controversial figure. The bottomline of all these has been that, he is an incurable optimist in the fashion of Williams Churchill and unflagging progressive , who sees things from the prism of inclusion, rather than self and self alone.

Though, the first principle of nature is self defence, self interest and self protection, but Adeoye is not selfish, while cleverly applying this natural aphorism.

Though, I didn’t grow up with Adeoye as fondly called by his admirers, but we heard and read about him that his philosophy from childhood had been to serve humanity. Putting it succinctly, to put smiles on the faces of the rejected and dejected in the society.

Laying the facts bare, I knew Adeoye at adulthood. What I found in him so captivating is that penchant to pursue what would benefit all , rather than a few. He hates despondency and narcissism with passion. The same phobia he has for selfishness and greed, a twin evil that is killing and stifling Nigeria today.

Adeoye is a well-groomed and cultured young man. A strong and dependable family man. A responsible community leader. A loyal party man and a resourceful, vociferous and intellectually robust House of Assembly member, whose contributions are regaling his constituents with happiness and hope.

Between 2007 and 2010 When Governor Kayode Fayemi was in the trenches grappling with poll robbers to retrieve his stolen mandate, Adeoye acted as one of the reliable foot-soldiers. He neither wavered nor shaken. He was resolute, brave and acted like a good comrade to his principal and mentor, Governor Kayode Fayemi.

When Governor Fayemi was in the saddle of governance between 2010 and 2014, he contributed his quota. His impact was felt positively. He didn’t act like a leech. He was conspicuous on contributions at the state and party levels. Many times he attended court sessions defending APC that has now become a formidable force in Ekiti.

When the political challenge of 2014-2018 came, he never abandoned our principal. He stood firm like a Rock of Gibraltar. He was loyal, full of vitality and hope that the future shall be brighter and that is gradually coming to fruition.

Little wonder when Governor Fayemi won second term, he deployed for him all the needed support to get the House of Assembly ticket in 2019. He didn’t only win the contest, his victory was loud and resounding.

Adeoye didn’t achieve much at the tender age due to social and political influences he musters. It was an inborn trait. He is a big dreamer and a goal getter.

To underscore how determined he was, Adeoye was a Class Captain all through primary and secondary schools and also a school time keeper at Pry 5. He was President, Students fellowship at first higher institution, Coordinator of youth fellowship in church at various levels for 14yrs, Chairman of workers union at first government work institution (Youngest ever) and President of students society at faculty level at 2nd institution attended,

Also at different times, he was Caretaker Chairman of SUG Transition Committee at 2nd Institution attended, Secretary, Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN), Audit unit in Ekiti State, Secretary, Audit Education Committee (Auditor General’s Office), Coordinator, Youth and Students JKF 2nd Guber Campaign, Pioneer Chairman, defunct Ajoni LCDA, Electoral Member of APC Presidential Primary Election, South West Zonal Coordinator, APC Youth League, and Coordinator, Ekiti Development Front.

As an active member, Ekiti State House of Assembly, he was made the Chairman House Committees on Rules and Business – 2019 – 2020, Infrastructure and Public Utilities – 2019 – 2020, SDG and Due Process – 2020 till date and
Interparliamentary – 2020 till date.

Adeoye as an elephant with big footsteps and prints has sponsored several Bills to benefit humanity. These include: Ekiti State Gender-Based Violence (Prohibition First Amendment) Bill, 2020-Thursday 10th Sept, 2020Ekiti State Property Protection (Anti-Grabbing) (First Amendment) Bill, 2020-Thursday 10th Sept, 2020A Bill for a Law to amend and rename the University of Education, Science and Technology, Ikere-Ekiti (First Amendment) Law, 2020- Tuesday- 3rd November, 2020.Ekiti State Electricity Board (Amendment) Bill, 2020 Wednesday 2nd December, 2020 .

He was instrumental to the training and Sponsorship of 50 Youths in Agriculture on bio-fortified [Vitamin A Cassava, Maize and Potato], Empowerment of Over 200 constituency members under Social Intervention Scheme (SIS) (Payment of School Fees, Hospital Bills and other social supports, Distribution of Sewing Machines, Washing Machine, Grinding Machine, Pumping Machine, Gasoline Water Pump, Scanning Machine, Cake Mixers, Empowerment of livestock Farmers with day old Chicks and their feed Mills, Distribution of Palliatives to over 1,500 households and distribution of cooking gas to 10 aged

He facilitated the grading of the following Internal roads: Ayebode Ward 09 Market road linking Sawmills/Ogbon Tuntun road 1&2 linking palace road2. Odo Ayedun (Imila) Ward 09 Borehole road linking Ominaba. Odo Ayedun Ward 08 Odo Ugo road to osingindinOnirinloye hotel via Odo street road to new Ere junctionMethodist primary school through Barrister Aribisala to Odo Street junctionIpao road to redeem church along AlokeOdo Ere to Baptist Church via Odo lase 1&24. Oke Ayedun Ekiti Ward 10Oke Ayedun Market to Ogbe road.Ogbe lane roadOmolu school road via Baptist Church to the main roadRoad behind St Luke’s Primary School via Chief Ala’s house up to new itafin axis5. Esun Ward 09Esun main road to ilagbo streamEsun road 2 to oke Ayedun end.Fiyinfolu High School road to Prof. Olorunfemi’s house road6. Ipao Ward 11Main road to Agbara roadAyedun road enroute Chief Afolayan’s house to main road.Baba Abejide’s house road. Facilitated the ongoing reconstruction of St. Stephen Primary School at Ayebode Ekiti in Ward 09.Supported communities development through donations to various Egbe Omo ilu at Oke Ayedun Ekiti, Esun Ekiti, Odo Ayedun Ekiti, Ayebode Ekiti and Ere quarters.

As you celebrate your 45th birthday today, we pray for God’s guidance and longevity as well as all-round breakthrough for this rare and enigmatic gift to himanity.


Victor Irewolede, Publicity Secretary, ‘Just Keep on Following Group’, writes from Ado Ekiti.

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