How to recharge prepaid meter after exhausting units(technical issues solved)

If you are recharging after your units got exhausted on a MOJEC prepaid meter, issues experienced include Customer Interface Unit not coming up after batteries are inserted and non response after punching in token on the device.

This is the solution:

  • First make sure the power supply indicator on your meter is ON. Or that there is general power supply in the neighbourhood.
  • Put OFF generator and inverter if you have any.
  • Put your change-over switch on IBEDC/EKEDP (etc.) power supply. (Note: There won’t be power as you have exhausted the units on your meter).
  • Insert new batteries in the space provided at the back of the Customer Interface Unit to power on the device. If the device does not come on, Press 3 for battery wake up.
  • Plug the Customer Interface Unit to a wall socket, but don’t forget there still won’t be power . (Note: Socket proximity to the meter does not matter, as long as the socket’s power source is from your electricity company).
  • Switch ON the socket where you have the Customer Interface Unit plugged to. (Note: The reason for plugging the CUI is to enable the keypad to communicate with the meter through the power source)
  • Punch in your PIN and press the blue button on the Customer Interface Unit. Electricity should come on immediately.

(Culled from EKEDC)

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